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Take action on your live termite infestation

If you have live termites in your home or property, take these steps:
1. Don't disturb them. If you do it may make it harder to get rid of them.
2. Don't try and use bug or surface spray, this will kill a few and the rest will hide.
3. Grab a good photo of the suspected termite(s).
4. During business hours, call us or out of hours,
complete the enquiry form here along with the photo.

Take Action

Conquer Termites Northside


How big is the problem and if possible determine where they have gained entry to the home.
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Treatment and Baiting

Foam or dust treatment into the Termite workings to bait and kill the infestation.
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Put in place termite barrier systems to prevent the return of termites in the future.
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Conquer Termites Northside

Termite Inspection & Treatment Specialists

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Have Termites? Want true “peace of mind" and to have your valuable home free from the damaging activities of termites? Get your home thoroughly termite inspected by one of our licensed professional Inspectors today.

We have successfully dealt with thousands of live termite infestations; with termite treatment and termite control systems leaving our clients thoroughly satisfied by fabulous results.

Furthermore, you'll receive a our unique 21 page detailed digital report, documenting the termite threat, inspection, treatment, baiting and / or barrier.

By using the most advanced termite control technology that enables the most thorough inspection of your home and garden, we'll guarantee to conquer your termites!

Not only that! But we also guarantee that each treatment proposal is specific to your home and the termite threat you are personally facing. Now that’s service!

Conquer Termites Northside

Termite Inspection & Treatment Specialists

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Treatment and baiting

By any means possible

If you, or one of our highly skilled technicians, have found live termites in or around your home; we can implement a range of treatments and baiting to stop them eating you out of house and home!

Depending on the type of termite and the area of infestation we will use one of three approaches.

  • Foam treatment – Termidor or Arilon
  • Dusting treatment – Termidor dust.
  • Baiting program using above-ground bait stations.

These effective methods of treating live termites are expertly applied by our trained technicians using specialist treatment equipment.

And just to make sure we got them allstrong> - by using Termidor or Arilon as a foam application, once it's dried it remains as a non-detectable poison. If new termites were to come back into the treated area, they too would collect the active ingredient and it would continue to be passed through the colony.

After determining the extent of the infestation, we' ll drill small holes into the termite workings and gently apply Termidor Dust by hand. Once it has been applied into the workings, the termites will carry the dust particles on their bodies back to the nest. Being a very social and efficient insect, it doesn’t take long to be transferred throughout the colony.

The amazing benefit of baiting with Termidor dust is that it’s very safe to apply into domestic environments and has been proven to take as little as 2 to 4 weeks to eradicate a colony.

Termidor dust has been proven to conquer the two most prevalent types of termites in Brisbane!

In some situations, your technician might recommend the installation an “Above Ground” bait station directly onto an area with live termites. This allows the termites to feed on the highly desirable bait that is laced with a growth inhibitor treatment. The termites are not aware that the bait is poison and they take it back to the nest to feed the colony.

Conquer Termites Northside

Termite Inspection & Treatment Specialists

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Conquer Termites Northside believe that through giving you the right information, helping you understand your options, explaining the process in understandable language and working alongside you; we can help you protect your most valuable investment...Your home.

You can be confident you have made the right decision!

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