All Frequently Asked Questions about termite eradication

Here we answer some of the most common questions clients have about termite treatment. If these don’t answer you queries please don’t hesitate to contact our team – (07) 3356 8801

What Makes A Suburb Bad For Termites?

Recently, we did an investigation into the suburbs of Brisbane worst effected by termites. However, for some people, there still remains a burning question about why these suburbs are hit so hard by the pests. Fortunately, Conquer Termites Northside and our team of experts can help you understand what attracts termites to any given suburb. For help with all termites in Brisbane, call us on (07) 3356 8801.

Termites don't spread out evenly across the country, and instead have regions they prefer to congregate. As with most pests, termites are attracted to any region where they can find food, water, and shelter. This means that suburbs with lots of trees, such as gumtrees or melaleuca quinquenervias (commonly known as paperbark trees), or with regions with high moisture retention, like creeks or rivers, can quickly find themselves swarming with termites. Alternatively, in suburbs with a lower average build quality, termites might be more easily able to slip into your home and begin to build a colony before spreading into the rest of the community, creating a high termite incidence. Either way, once termites have become common in the region, it can become very difficult to eradicate them entirely, and it is best that you do everything you can to protect your home and assets from termite damage. With termite hotspots spread around the country, it's important that you understand what will attract the pest to any given suburb.

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When Is It Necessary To Perform Pest Control?

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Is Indoor Pest Control Safe?

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Is Preventative Pest Control Worth It?

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What Do Pest Controllers Do?

The life of a pest controller is never quiet. If you've wondered exactly what we do for every job, then Conquer Termites Northside can help. To get in touch with our team about all pest control in Brisbane, call us on (07) 3356 8801.

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How Should I Prepare For A Pest Treatment?

Before your home undergoes pest control, giving it a quick clean can help improve the odds of success. If you need to perform pest control in Brisbane and want to maximise efficiency, then you can call Conquer Termites Northside on (07) 335 ...

Does Rain Affect Pest Control?

With the upcoming El Nina weather system, we're expecting a wet summer. For some people, wet weather may seem like a concern regarding pest control, but with our experts in termites in Brisbane, you'll generally be able to treat your home c ...

Customer Reviews

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Kerry Cuttle
31 Mar 2021

Conquer Termites Northside have always done a great job for us over several years. They are prompt, courteous and very thorough, and send a reminder when our next termite inspection is due.

   Conquer Termites reply logo Conquer Termites Northside response: Thank you Kerry, really appreciate your words

Cat Baker
26 Mar 2021

We had a property pre-purchase inspection. Our technician Ben was knowledgeable, courteous and very thorough. I was very please with the overall process. I will be using Conquer Termites for all my pe... more

   Conquer Termites reply logo Conquer Termites Northside response: Thank you Cat, I’ve just sent this to Ben - he is amazing and we so appreciate him.

John Fisher
12 Mar 2021

We engaged Conquer Termites Northside for a termite barrier treatment. Andy was very professional and guided us into the correct product and treatment for the barrier system. He has a comprehensive kn... more

   Conquer Termites reply logo Conquer Termites Northside response: Thank you John, Andy is great, isnt he!

Jen Twidale
18 Dec 2020

We had termite barrier and pest control completed at our home. They were very professional, informative and came back for a second pest treatment with no hassle at all. Very please we selected them.