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It is important to remember that no Pest Control treatment will stop nature in its tracks - nor do we want to! There are many beneficial insects around your home. It is normal even after a treatment to still see the occasional cockroach or spider, our treatments won’t stop this. Our aim is not to kill every insect within 50m of your home, but to control pest populations, prevent pests from setting up shop, breeding and becoming an infestation. Lets go through some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding our pest control services in North Brisbane.


Do we need to leave the house while the treatment is being conducted?

A: We recommend while the technician is treating inside you are outside and vice versa. If you have health programs, suffer form astma or are sensitive to smells we suggest you leave the property while the treatment is being conducted.

How long does the General Pest Control Treatment take?

A: Usually a general pest control treatment will take 45-90 minutes, this depends on the size of the house/property.

Do you spray inside and outside the house?

A: Yes, unless a different treatment plan has been discussed.

What happens if it rains?

A: We will conduct a risk analysis before treatment. If it is raining at the time of the service we may need to postpone the external portion of the treatment. If the rain has passed and the area has dried sufficiently we can complete the treatment.

Is a general pest control service safe for bees?

A: If you have bee hives please let us know. We will alter our services to ensure the safety of your hives.

Is the service safe for my pets?

A: We believe in integrated pest management and use the very best chemicals on the market. We do not use generic brands. All of our chemicals are approved by the APVMA, they are backed by research and development. We ask for fish tanks, bird cages and reptiles to be covered, dogs/cats to be kept away from the area we are treating.

Will the general pest control treatment cover termites?

A: No. A general pest control treatment will not prevent termites. Termite treatment and prevention is a completely different service. We recommend a termite inspection in accordance with AS3660-2. Our licensed inspectors will be able to provide a termite management proposal.

Should I leave spider webs up after treatment?

A: We recommend leaving spider webs up for 14 days after a pest control treatment.

What should I do if I come in contact with wet pest control chemicals?

A: Please call the Poison Information Centre immediately on 131 126.

Why am I still seeing pests after my treatment?

A: Using a repellent to expel pests from cracks and crevices may lead to a temporary increase in observed pest activity for up to four weeks following the treatment. This is because the treatment’s impact on the insects causes them to move more slowly, making them easier to spot.

Do I need General Pest Control yearly?

A: Proactive measures are always more effective than reactive ones when it comes to pest control. Regular general pest control services not only help to keep your home pest-free but also protect your family’s health and the integrity of your property.

Things you can do to help us:

Eliminate entry points. Seal up cracks and crevices, install fly screens to doors and windows, install brush strips to the bottom of doors leading to the garage or outside, keep tree branches, gardens and vegetation trimmed and not touching the house, install weep-hole protectors, etc.

Eliminate food sources. Empty bins regularly, clean up crumbs and food scraps (especially the ones that get kicked under the fridge) store all food in sealed containers, fix all leaks or damp areas where possible, etc.

Allow the treatment to work. Our treatments can take a few weeks before there is a noticeable decrease in pest activity. In the meantime, avoid mopping up to the edges of skirting boards (about 150mm out) for at least 2 weeks. For best results up to 6 weeks.

Try to avoid spraying pests (particularly ants) with household products as this can actually lower the efficacy of our treatment and counteract our chemicals.

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