How To Prepare For A General Pest Control

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Conquer Termites Northside use an integrated pest management approach depending on your requirements – kids, pets, specific concerns and the home itself. The treatment is both internal and external and we use a combination of gel, dust, liquid, rodenticide, granules and sprays as is best suited on the day. The pesticides will be used according to the APVMA.


- We recommend clearing any items stored against walls to allow best access.

- Please do any cleaning prior to our attendance and for best efficacy wait for 14 days after we have treated to clean again.

- Cover any fish tanks, pet enclosures or bird cages.

- Move any pet bowls off the ground.

- Remove clothes off the line.

- Where possible, take animals to another location. (This is an ideal time to pop out for a coffee!)

- Let your technician know if you have any allergies prior to the commencement of the treatment.

Please note: Our call back guarantee for general pest control does not extend to commercial properties, situations where a comprehensive treatment cannot be carried out, cases involving German cockroach infestations, or homes exhibiting conducive conditions.

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