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Termites cause approximately between $780 million and $1 billion dollars in damage to Australian homes and properties annually. Conquer Termites are industry experts in providing the most appropriate termite management system to protect your home from termites. Our technicians are experienced and are fully licensed to install chemical barriers and baiting programs best suited to your home.

The thought of your home being under threat from termites is scary! The “peace of mind” that your home has the best protection lets you sleep at night. Our team are regularly educated, have top of the range equipment and are the leading technicians in the field.

Initial Treatement

If you, or one of our technicians have found live termites in your house, in a tree stump, or a retaining wall and there are still good numbers of the critters, then we have a chance to apply the initial treatment. The purpose of this treatment or baiting program is to stop them from chewing your house and, if possible, to eradicate the termite colony. The initial treatment is not the final solution; it is just a topical treatment to the area where live termites are evident on the day. It is important to install a termite management system around your home to prevent the termites from eating another part of your house.

Termite Management System

Termite Management System - Chemically treated zone

Termidor HE (High Efficiency)

Termidor SC (Suspension Concentrate)

Termite Management System - Reticulation

TermX Reticulation System replenishable using Termidor SC/HE

Altis Reticulation System replenishable using Termidor SC/HE

Termite Management System - Monitored Baiting system (aggregation)

Trelona ATBS

Sentricon Always Active

Termite Management System - Pre-construction or Renovation

FMC Homeguard



Reticulation (TermX, Altis) (see above for links)

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How we install our Termite Management Systems


No termite treatment can absolutely guarantee that termites will not enter your home. But if the Termite Management System is installed in the correct manner and all recommendations given to you by our professional inspectors are carried out, then your home is very unlikely to be inundated by termites.

The subject of which Termite Management System is “the best” for your home or investment property is the one area which usually causes the most confusion. This is usually due to conflicting opinions, recommendations, and prices than you may receive from different companies.

Conquer Termites Northside believe giving the right information and options and explaining the job in a language that you’ll understand, you can then be confident that you have made the right decision.

We will customise your Termite Management System so that it is specifically designed to suit your needs, and protect your largest investment … Your home.

Please give us a call on 07 3356 8801 to chat about which of the above options is right for you.

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