Termite Signs

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What Are The Signs Of Termites?

  • Soft or hollow timber – usually door frames or skirting boards
  • Mudding coming out of some timber or a mud lead coming up a stump
  • Hearing a funny noise from the wall
  • A door falling off or a ceiling starting to sag

Mudding Of A Termite Trail:

Termites always want to operate in a dark, warm and protected environment. If they are exposed to the sun or outside air, they will quickly dehydrate and die in a matter of hours. Also, if exposed in the open, defenseless worker termites are easy prey for Black Ants and other predators.

If they need to bridge out of the ground into your home, the worker termites with building a tube – mud lead by combining their saliva and soil to form a paste that dries to hardness like plaster.

Soft Or Hollow Timber:

This is the most common way homeowners find evidence of live termites in their homes. Most of the door & window frames, along with skirting boards, are made from soft pine timber. These timbers are normally sourced first as they are highly desirable for termites. Which is actually good in some ways as the termites make themselves quickly evident.

Termites will eat the timber right up to the paint, always leaving a very thin layer between them and the outside world.

How you can tell? Tap your fingers along where you suspect there is termite activity. If it sounds or feels hollow, use a sharp Stanley knife and carefully cut a slit to pry open to see if there are any termites. If you see something that you suspect could be termites, immediately seal the opened area with tape.

Termite Noise:

Termite soldiers make a knocking noise by hitting their heads against timber when they are alarmed. It’s like a drumbeat to evacuate. You’ll hear a cascade of tapping if you disturb their workings.

On a very quiet night, you might be able to hear the soft gnawing sounds the worker termites make as they scrape and eat the timber with their powerful mandibles (jaws). With the help of special enzymes in their digestive system, they can convert the timber to palatable sugars.

Termite Damage Or Fungal Rot?

Normally termites are only in their subterranean tunnels under the ground. But from November to March, it is common to find the reproductive termites taking to flight, especially in South East Queensland. The humidity is very attractive (indeed necessary) to them.

At this time of year, they leave the nests (trees, tree stumps, bushland, even your home) to fly and begin new colonies. This is what they look like (although they can vary somewhat in colour).

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