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Company Warranty:

Once you have a management system installed by Conquer Termites, you’ll be covered by our company warranty. This means we will re-inspect and re-treat in the unlikely situation termites gain entry through the termite management system we have installed. Also, you (or your agent) can call us if there is an area of concern during the 12-month warranty period. The warranty period is extended for another 12 months on the completion of a successful warranty inspection (successful means that no new conducive conditions have been identified during the termite inspection, when conducive conditions are identified they will need to be rectified by the homeowner and a further inspection will need to be carried out to re-warrant the termite management system). Please note failure to comply with any previous recommendations or failure to rectify any conducive conditions noted on our termite inspection report, and / or failure to complete your annual termite inspection within 30 days of your termite management system installation anniversary will void your company warranty.

Chemical Termite Management System Warranty:

While termites are persistent in infiltrating homes, no single treatment can completely eliminate the threat of their attacks. Nonetheless, we have full confidence in our treatments and stand behind them by offering our Company Warranty for your treated home.

With this warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind through the following benefits:

-Complimentary check-up service for the initial 12 months (Please note: this is not a comprehensive inspection.) Should you have any concerns about termites or your home during this period, simply reach out to us. We will conduct a termite check at no cost. -In the rare event that live termites are discovered in your structure, we will treat them at no additional charge. Furthermore, we will reapply the chemical soil treatment as needed to prevent recurrence. -The opportunity to extend your Company Warranty for an additional year (with a maximum of 7 renewals). To renew, schedule an annual termite inspection with Conquer Termites Northside within 30 days of your management system installation. If all is in order, we’ll extend your Company Warranty. Please note that failure to adhere to our previous report recommendations will nullify your warranty. Trelona ABS or Sentricon Termite Management Warranty: To qualify for our Company Warranty, you must undergo Annual Termite Inspections and maintain participation in our monitoring and baiting program. This warranty offers you complete peace of mind with: -Complimentary check-up service for the first 12 months (Please note: this is not a comprehensive inspection.) If you have any concerns about termites or your home, simply contact us, and we’ll conduct a free termite check. -In the unlikely event of live termites being found in your structure, we will treat them at no extra cost. -The option to extend your Company Warranty for an additional year (with a maximum of 4 renewals).

Monitoring & Baiting Program:

If you’ve opted for our annual monitoring program, your stations will be checked approximately every 3-6 months (or as per manufacturer’s specifications). Should the stations become active, we will increase the frequency of checks to 4-6 weekly, depending on the species and level of activity.

It’s crucial that monitoring stations remain easily accessible. This entails ensuring all foliage is cleared from covering the stations, nothing is stored over them, and greenery is trimmed. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in our inability to check your stations, leading to a void in your company warranty. Additionally, removing or relocating stations will invalidate the warranty.

Professional Indemnity and General Liability Insurance:

Conquer Termites Northside have Professional Indemnity and General Liability insurance to the value of $10,000,000, through our insurer, Wymark Insurance, policy number: BP20201127.

Please be reassured, we conduct all our services and termite management system installations beyond and above any industry standards, if you feel there is a need to seek compensation for negligence on our behalf, please contact our office to discuss the matter and get contact details for our insurer.

There is now no insurance cover offered for future termite damage once a treatment has been completed. There was an insurance cover you could take out called TimberSecure that offered $100,000 cover through our previous insurance company, Rapid Solutions. But this has been recently withdrawn by the underwriter.

BASF Termidor Warranty:

BASF, the manufacturer of Termidor SC, Trelona and Termidor HE offers a $2 million dollar warranty (link) as a statement that their products, are far superior to the generic options on the market. They assure homeowners the active ingredient, Fipronil, and their formulation doesn’t fail against termites. If there is a failure, they maintain that it will be due to the application or construction methods. Put simply this is reassurance that the products used in your termite management system are tried and tested. If you want to take up this option, you can apply directly with BASF once the termite management system has been completed and you have your certificate of installation.

Treatment Failures. When it comes to termites in South-east Queensland, there is no measure that will guarantee you will be 100% free of termite attack. That is why it is imperative to get annual warranty inspections carried out and to report to Conquer Termites Northside if you have had renovations, adverse weather conditions that may have impacted the area where your termite management system was installed and any changes to the external environment that may create heavy termite pressure on your home (such as tree’s falling down nearby).

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